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Business game

I just watched a tv show about some young people who want to become employed by some captain of industry. To make this reality, they need to do certain business related exercises in teams and every episode one of the members of the team that performs worst has to leave the show. Tonight they had to come up with a product and try to sell it to retail shops. The leader of the team that won became quite emotional hearing that he actually sold the product they invented that he had to go outside for a minute. Nice to see ...

Winning bike

I just got some great set up tips from bicycle workshop morningside. There work such a great people. They know what they are doing. They just know everything there is to know about bikes. They love to give you advice. So of course I bought my bicycle with them. I bought the latest and best model there is now. So I hope that will help me win a race. I never won a race. I am always on the second place and that is so frustrating. So with the help of this bicycle I hope to get myself to the ...